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The knowledge of honey
The knowledge of honey
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Questions and answers:
Why honey would crystals?
Crystallized honey is a very common phenomenon in the daily life. With time and temperature are changed, honey from a liquid to a crystalline status and the color from light to deep. These changes are always caused somebody’s misunderstanding. Some people think that it caused by honey mixed with sugar. In fact, this is a natural change not mixed with sugar. To sum up, honey crystallization is the phenomenon of a physical change, like water freezes. Their chemical composition and the nutrition have never changed. Crystallized honey does not affect the quality of the honey and the crystallized crystals are glucose, not the mixed sugar.

In fact, the honey mixed with sugar cannot be crystallized but only the pure honey easily crystallized. Therefore, in our national honey quality standards described normal honey status is "transparent viscous liquid or crystals’’. Glucose in honey around glucose crystal nuclei to form granules, and in the particles around the package on a layer of fructose film coalesced gradually extended in the entire container the honey part or all become loose solid, crystallization is honey. Therefore, honey crystallization is a normal phenomenon, has no effect on its nutritional content and application value and either does not affect consumption.

"Look, smell, taste" to help you identify fake honeyIn order to reduce costs, some unscrupulous traders mix sugars (such as sucrose, sugar, brown sugar, caramel and etc), starch, urea, viscous agent (such as carboxymethyl cellulose), high fructose and some flavor to modulate the fake honey. The fake honey has seriously affected the honey market. However, we could through looking, smelling and tasting, easily to identify the fake honey. It is the simplest way for consumer to identify the good quality honey immediately. The details as following: for looking, the colors of the pure honey various from different species. For example, the acacia honey is water white, Vitex honey is light amber. Generally, honey mixed with other substances will show abnormal color and poor gloss. When mixed brown sugar, honey’s color becomes deeper than normal. When mixed sugar, honey’s color shows lighter than normal. When mixed sucrose, honey has poor transparency and looks not clear. When mixed flour, starch or corn flour, honey’s color shows turbidity and has significant clouds or a slug inside.in terms of smelling, the smell of fake honey is lighter and also has the sugar smell. Pure honey has its unique smell, such as acacia honey should have acacia flower smell, date honey has date flower smell. The multi-flower honey should have its original good smell.The tasting of honey, pure honey tastes sweet and a little sour, and the taste could last long time. Fake honey tastes tasteless, and weak. If the honey mixed with sucrose, it tastes like syrup. If the honey mixed with urea, it tastes sweet and salty. If the honey mixd with thickener, it tastes sticky and irritating.
How to eat honey?Generally, taking two tea spoon honey before having the breakfast, this is not only good at reducing phlegm but also be effective in preventing constipation. Adding honey in the breakfast milk is a good option which supplies enough glucose and variety of vitamins. Due to the honey has some special digestion and absorption. However, due to the special ingredients in the honey, for different people have different requirements. There are some points should be noticed as following:
1, If taking honey with water, the water temperature is not too high and the temperature should be lower than 60 ℃. Hot water makes honey enzymes substances (enzymes substance is a protein which is generated by honey brewing process and it is very sensitive to the change by the outside temperature) damage and generate harmful substances.2. Cannot be over taking. According to the research, the amount of honey consuming should pay more attention. If taking too much at once, the amount of glucose will exceed the human body organism's resistance and interfere with insulin function. Generally, the adults daily take 100g, not more than 200g and children daily take 30 to 50g.3. People who have gastric hypersecretion should pay attention to the ways eating honey. The gastric acid secretion is relevant with the amount of honey and the temperature of honey aqueous solution. Eat honey one and a half-hour before meals may help to reduce gastric acid secretion. Eating oral honey will increase gastric acid secretion and warm honey water can reduce the acidity of gastric juice. Cold honey solution increases gastric acidity, and stimulate the bowel movement and secretory function.

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