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The deed praises of honey
The deed praises of honey
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Honey is an ideal natural cosmetic agent. As early as 1700 years ago, China has begun to use honey for beauty and cosmetology. The Jin Dynasty GuoPu in his article “for bees” records that the Jin Dynasty women directly use the natural honey on the face. Meanwhile, the famous ancient doctor Zhen Quan in his book "medicinal theory" records that taking honey regularly could makes skin better.

Honey is a good cosmetic which has long history. In the Tang Dynasty, the King Li Longji’s daughter Yongle Princess, her face skin is dry and shriveled. She starts to drink tea with honey. After three years, Princess’s skin is much better than before. After that, people discovered that honey can make the skin better and look younger.

In a foreign country, there are also some recording about the honey as the Cosmetic. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used honey to maintain her beautiful skin. The archaeologists found an engraved hieroglyphic stone in the Kings Valley of Aswan, Egypt. According to research, the monument records the Egyptian queen Cleopatra's beauty secret recipes. There are two recipes of honey hair care: First recipe is using one spoon honey with half a cup of milk mixture on the after washing hair and do massage. After 15 minutes rain off the mixture, the hair will become shiny and soft. Second recipe is using a spoon honey on the hair. It could make hair more glossy and black. Greek women have good face skin due to they always use honey on the face for cosmetic products.

Today, using honey for beauty is much more popular and there are lots of examples about it. World famous movie star Sophia Roland is over sixty, but she still looks shapely and has the soft and shiny skin. Her fans and lots of ladies explore her beauty secret for maintaining youthful. Her introducing her special recipe mentioned that my secret is excises and honey. This method is applicable not only for myself, but also suitable for every woman. Especially good for over 30 years women, using this way could keep youth  at least 60 years.

1998, Japanese magazine "Read News" has published an interview with authoress Ping Lin Yingzai how to keep youth. She is 80 years old lady but she did not looks like that much old. On her face, there are no wrinkles. The reporter asks her what kind of anti-wrinkle cosmetic she used. She replied that she never use anti-wrinkle products. She just use honey to wipe face every morning and never stopped. This method is taught by her mother and her mother has a little wrinkles when she 90 years old. This interview report is very popular and has reported by various newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.  Some cosmetics manufacturers take advantage of this report to produce the honey beauty fluid and it sales quite well.

Recently, people much more like the products from nature. Undoubtedly, honey is the perfect products both good for skincare and health.

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