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Health of honey
Health of honey
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honey series products:
Acacia honey: also known as locust honey, white honey, fresh smell, light and mild, Function:  can be protecting blood vessels, tranquilizing mind, clearing heat and removing dampness.
Rape honey: amber color, slightly spicy or grass flavor, sweet,
       Function:  soften blood vessels, refreshing.
Linden honey: light amber color, concentrated flavor and strong sweet,
       Function: could be a kind of stomach tonic,
Vitex honey: light amber color, slightly sweet,
       Function: nourishing, maintains eye vision. 
Longan honey: amber color, fragrant and sweet,
       Function: can be nourishing the nerves
Litchi honey: light amber color, strong sweet with litchi flavour.
             Function: good at lung, maintains blood pressure    
Orange blossom honey: light amber color, strong-tasting, it has a fresh, vibrant and fruity flavor.
 Function: Spleen stomach, phlegm dampness
Milk vetch honey: light amber color, fresh smell, strong sweet,
 Function: Dispelling wind and eyesight, detumescence, improving the constipation problem.
The multi-flower honey: collecting nectar among various flowers, the essence of the exchange flowers fragrance.
    Function: detoxify, moistening
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