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Honey's functions
Honey's functions
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Antioxidant: Honey has antibacterial functions on a variety of bacteria
Anti-aging: Honeyis a pure natural nutritional food, helping to anti-aging.
Antioxidant: Honey contains antioxidants, helping the body eliminate oxygen free radical.
Promote tissue regeneration: honey is rich in nutrients, which can promote the wound tissue regeneration.
Laxative: The acetylcholine in the honey in the body is functionalised as the parasympathetic, promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and catharticing.
Beauty: Honey is the ideal natural beauty agent in terms of a variety of skin care ingredients on the epidermis and dermis, which can prevent dry skin, moisturize the skin and reduce pigmentation.
The raw materials of Tong Bee honey bee breeding base are from the hall of "the first workshop" of natural mature honey with Baume finished product at 43.5 degrees, including bee honey at 46 degrees. During the production process, there is no high temperature, guaranteeing the natural color, smell and taste of honey. Our product has passed the national QS quality and safety system certification and loved by the vast number of consumers.
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